Areas of Practice


Landlord-Tenant disputes in New York City and the surrounding area involve the most valuable real estate in the United States and the most complicated set of laws and regulations affecting any housing market. Mr. Lamb has extensive experience litigating landlord-tenant disputes in the City and State trial and appellate courts as well as before administrative agencies including the New York State Division of Homes and Community Renewal (“DHCR”) and the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (“HPD”).

Mr. Lamb has extensive experience representing commercial landlords and tenants in Yellowstone proceedings, holdover proceedings, CAM disputes, restrictive covenant disputes, illegal sublet disputes, non-payment disputes and other issues arising out of the relationship between landlord and tenant.

Mr. Lamb also regularly represents residential landlords and tenants in complex owner’s use proceedings, non-primary residence proceedings, illegal sublet proceedings and other complex disputes arising out of the rent stabilization law and code as well as disputes under the rent control law.

Mr. Lamb also handles complex matters before administrative agencies such as harassment complaints, rent overcharge claims and lease renewal issues before DHCR and Certificates of No Harassment and repair issues before HPD.

With each case, Mr. Lamb works as a team with the client to develop and implement the most effective and efficient strategy to assist clients in reaching their goals.


Next to litigating over the custody of your children or the end of your marriage, nothing is more explosive or emotional than a dispute involving your neighbors involving your home. For most of his career, Mr. Lamb has successfully represented unit owners, proprietary lessees, condominium boards, cooperative boards and real estate brokers in disputes over elections, building rules, lease violations, nuisance, security, unpaid common charges and maintenance, repairs, leaks, insurance and almost every other type of dispute that can arise out of the complex relationship between cooperative and condominium boards and the unit owners and proprietary lessees in the building.

These disputes require expertise in multiple disciplines including landlord tenant law, real estate law, corporate law, and understanding the Martin Act. Mr. Lamb has this experience and is prepared to vehemently represent his clients in any cooperative or condominium dispute that arises.


Businesses and individuals alike rely on the enforceability of contracts in almost every aspect of daily life. If someone has breached a contract made with you or someone has accused you of breaching a contract, Mr. Lamb possesses the skill and expertise to analyze and determine the remedies available and to efficiently and expeditiously implement a strategy to reach the client’s goals. In most instances, a breach of contract will result in a legal remedy such as the payment of money. However, in certain circumstances, equitable or injunctive relief is necessary to protect a client’s rights and to ensure specific performance of a contract.

Where injunctive relief or specific performance is the remedy sought, Mr. Lamb has extensive experience putting together the necessary legal papers and navigating the red tape of the Courthouse to get your application for injunctive relief before a judge as quickly as possible while presenting a well-thought out, reasoned and cogent legal argument to the Court.

During these stressful times, Mr. Lamb’s experience allows him to remain calm and walk the client, step-by-step, through this complex and foreign process.


Many of Mr. Lamb’s clients include apartment building owners, condominium and cooperative boards, individual property owners, architects, interior designers, and companies involved in the supply to and fabrication of materials used in construction projects in New York City and the surrounding area.

In the construction area, Mr. Lamb has extensive experience filing and foreclosing on mechanic’s liens, as well as litigating contract disputes arising from both residential and commercial construction jobs. As with all disputes, Mr. Lamb takes an aggressive stance representing clients in construction disputes to jointly develop and implement a strategy to efficiently and effectively meet his client’s goals.


Mr. Lamb provides solid and trustworthy counsel walking his clients through every aspect of a real estate transaction from the accepted offer, through contract negotiations, due diligence and closing. The purchase of a cooperative or condominium involves far more than buying the floors, walls, ceilings and fixtures in a particular apartment, it is also buying into a community with its own set of rules, procedures and obligations. Having a transactional attorney who understands the complexity of this relationship will not only facilitate a smooth closing, but will also put the client in the best position possible to develop a successful long term relationship with the client’s new cooperative or condominium community.

Mr. Lamb is also experienced in negotiating commercial leases as well as complex residential leases.

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